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I'm Ellen Bristol. I can help you generate  more income with less effort, with our breakthrough approach to fundraising, based on the continuous improvement model.  

Find out how your productivity compares to our international study,  The Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising.

Plug the leaks with Fundraising the SMART Way!

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Nine Things You Should Know about Your Fundraising - But Probably Don't

If you don't do these things right, you might be losing money.

  1. Qualify funding prospectsFundraising Leaks Like a Sieve!
  2. Acquire new funders
  3. Retain current funders
  4. Upgrade funders
  5. Diversify funding sources
  6. Staff your fundraising team
  7. Use the right metrics
  8. Keep a robust fundraising "toolkit"
  9. Respond to undesirable fundraising performance
Find out how you compare with your peers! Take the Leaky Bucket Assessment of Effective Fundraising!

Fundraising the SMART Way: Plug Those Leaks!

Fundraising the SMART Way - the leading methodology for improving nonprofit fundraising results based on the continuous improvement model.

Imagine what would happen if you could work less and raise more! Better fundraising results and less stress, among other things. Not to mention a few other things, like better relationships with your board of directors, qucker and more accurate reporting on fundraising performance, reliable insights into what's working and what's not, and useful techniques for fixing what's not going so well.

In fact, our methodology got so much interest from the Association of Fundraising Professionals, we wrote a book about it, part of the AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series. Read the book!

Interested in implementing the SMART Way in your shop? Let me know right away.