Nine Things You Should Know about Your Fundraising - But Probably Don't

If you don't do these things right, you might be losing money.

  1. Qualify funding prospectsFundraising Leaks Like a Sieve!
  2. Acquire new funders
  3. Retain current funders
  4. Upgrade funders
  5. Diversify funding sources
  6. Staff your fundraising team
  7. Use the right metrics
  8. Keep a robust fundraising "toolkit"
  9. Respond to undesirable fundraising performance
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Fundraising the SMART Way - The Book!

Fundraising the SMART WayWe are pleased to announce the release of our new book Fundraising the SMART Way: Predictable, Consistent Income Growth for Your Charity, published by John Wiley & Son in the AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series. Steven Miller, past chair of the Publishing Advisory Committee of AFO, calls this work "a major advance in the discipline of fundraising."

Major research on fundraising effectiveness and donor behavior correlates with our findings showing a correlation between these results and the lack of management controls over them. Donor retention is low, but three quarters of our study lack performance standards to improve it. Donor acquisition isn't where we'd like it to be. but most participants have no assigned targets for acquiring more donors. Worst of all, senior executives don't know what to do to improve things, except to throw more special events.

So we believe it's time for a revolution in the way fundraising is managed, not in the way it's done. In this book, we challenge the nonprofit sector to adopt better management controls over all. Read more about the book and its companion website here. Buy your copy here!

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