Is your pipeline leaking all over your bottom line? Find out with the Leaky Bucket that's right for your business.

The Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising  

The Leaky Bucket Assessment for Sales-Force Productivity



A Revolutionary Approach to Managing Revenue Generation for Optimum Productivity


Fundraising the SMART Way, for nonprofit organizations.

Selling the SMART Way, for for-profit businesses


We're Staffing Up - Thanks to You

Linda Lysakowski, Director of Nonprofit Sales, plus Four Certified SMART Way  Consultants

The esteemed Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE, has joined the BSG team, along with four fantastic new certified SMART Way consultants:

  • David McGoy, CFRE, Assist Consulting
  • Catherine Marshall, CapBuilders
  • Cory Sparks, LANO
  • Helen Arnold, CFRE, Arnold Olson Consulting

Thanks to these great folks, we can serve many more of you - and do it better!


We proudly announce the iCAT, thanks to our new partnership with the data scientists at AlgorhythmWe think it is the most sophisticated organization-wide capacity assessment instrument for nonprofits available.

Learn more about the iCAT here.

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