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The Leaky Bucket Assessments

paint_bucket-leaky1-resized-600The Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising.  Ground-breaking research on the productivity of the development staff, for nonprofit organizations.. See where your fundraising springs a leak!

The Leaky Bucket Assessment for Sales-Force Productivity. Assess the effectiveness of your sales operation. For social enterprises and corporate sales teams.  Is your pipeline leaking all over your bottom line?

The SMART Way Methodologies


Fundraising the SMART Way. Get right at the heart of how you raise money for your nonprofit, and improve results continuously! For nonprofits and NGO's of all sizes and sectors.

Selling the SMART Way. Improve visibility and accountability along with results. For social enterprises and corporate sales teams.

Team BSG

bigO-logoWe're grateful to have the collaboration and participation of top-notch talent in nonprofit management, development, strategec planning, video production and technology. Meet them here.

Fundraising the SMART Way: Predictable, Consistent Income Growth for Your Charity

Winner, CausePlanet'sTop Choice Award 2014, includes Companion Website.Cover_FSW-resized-600


Find out why we need a fundraising revolution. Using data from the Leaky Bucket, Ellen challenges nonprofit professionals to step up the way we manage fundraising, not the way we do it. Pick up your copy here.


C4SC is an exciting new venture in Coral Gables, FL, dedicated to creating social change, equity and justice by empowering nonprofits and social enterprises to become more effective.  BSG and C4SC have formed a partnership to provide Fundraising the SMART Way to smaller nonprofits and social enterprises using our shared program model. We bring together groups of nonprofits to collaborate in learning this innovative model and providing peer support to one another.

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