DonorSearch-Color.pngProspect research services - because you should always know how much to ask for

We are authorized Master Account resellers for DonorSearch, the prospect research service we believe offers the most comprehensive, useful insights into donor giving capacity and history. And we can provide it at a price specially designed for smaller organizations.

Businesswoman talking on mobile phone in office at night.jpegWant to raise more major gifts, or upgrade your current major donors? Even if you're running a small, grassroots or start-up nonprofit, prospect research can help you. 

And we can give it to you at a price you can afford.  

Prospect research is for you if: 

You have some individual donors, but don't really know their giving capacity - so you're not sure how much to ask for.

You've mostly gotten gifts from attendees at your special events, and other fundraising campaigns; now you'd like to do some donor development, by cultivating them for larger gifts.

You're attempting to diversify your funding sources by increasing funding from individuals.

There are plenty of prospect-research services in the marketplace. But we chose DonorSearch for several reasons:

They have an enormous, comprehensive database of individual donors in the U.S. - more than 126 million as of today, and growing!

DonorSearch technology "knows' donors' wealth capacity, but also their history of giving, the size of the gifts they usually give, and even the names of the organizations they currently support - plus more detail.

They share our corporate values of supporting nonprofits of all sizes and sectors, in affordable ways, with the mission of increasing their impact. 

Best of all, their solution fits right into the SMART Way Prospect Scorecard, a key component of Fundraising the SMART Way. Imagine - an ideal-donor profile showing the actual level of the donor's giving capacity!