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The Success Planning™ Model

Strategic Planning that Works!

Strategic Planning is Capacity-Building 101. A good nonprofit strategic plan means organization-wide focus, alignment between board, staff and internal departments, methods for managing ongoing performance, and effective ways to demonstrate outcomes and results.  And you can have one with less time and effort than you think.

Shockingly, we found that only 47% of the 1250+ respondents to our Leaky Bucket Assessment stated they had a plan. Which means 53% don't. For SHAME!!!!

The Success Planning™ model was developed by Dr. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, then customized by Ellen Bristol and Dr. Staton-Reinstein for the nonprofit sector. It uses the same proven planning and business-management discipline you find in Fundraising the SMART Way, and it's evidence based and easy to follow. Outcomes include:

  • The One-Page Strategic Plan: why build an encyclopedia, when one page will do? Only a few goals and a couple of objectives for the organization per year – more is too tough to follow.
  • Managing On The Top Page: the Board holds the CEO accountable for high-level results.The CEO holds department executives accountable for departmental results; departmental executives hold their teams accountable for team results - and so on! Every organizational level has its own "Top Page," and they all roll up to the Toppest of the Top.
  • Everything Is Measurable: you can’t manage it if you can’t measure it.
  • The Plan’s The Boss: If it’s not on the plan, don’t do it - or at least make a great business case to add it to the plan. Avoid running down rat-holes, no matter how “urgent” they may seem.
  • Board Meetings, Executive Meetings, and Team Meetings by Plan:  Meeting agendas follow progress against the "Top Page" depending on who's holding the meeting. Anything else is extraneous!

Rebecca_Staton.jpgWe approach strategic planning the way we do fund development – make it concise, make it measurable, base metrics on desired results and not activity.  And most important, review performance against plan regularly!

Dr. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein is our senior strategic planning consultant. She has an international reputation as an expert in strategic planning, consulting for nonprofits, corporations,and the public sector. Rebecca has chaired, and raised money for, a variety of nonprofit organizations.  She and Ellen Bristol haveco-authored Success Planning for Nonprofits: Evidence-Based Strategic Planning, scheduled for publication early 2018.