Founder and President

 Ellen Bristol

Ellen is the founder of Bristol Strategy, designer of the SMART Way methodology, developer of the Leaky Bucket assessment and developer of SMART Way Management, a CRM app supporting account-based marketing for major and corporate giving. Her mission: improve nonprofit management disciplines worldwide to strength the sustainability and financial health of the sector. She launched Bristol Strategy after 20+ years in information technology sales. She drives our software development, manages our training, consulting and productivity research, keeps clients happy, and forges business relationships with other nonprofit experts and technology providers. She also naps a lot. Ellen is the Geek-in-Chief on all issues related to performance management, fundraising effectiveness, and building fundraising capacity. 

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Melissa Brown
SMART Way Certified Consultant

 Melissa S. Brown

Melissa is another data geek, like Ellen. Her mission is to help charities turn knowledge into action. Melissa manages the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, and is a key contributor and analyst for  both the Fundraising Effectiveness Project and Giving USA. Melissa consults with universities, institutes, and other national and international nonprofits. She was fascinated by our Leaky Bucket research, and became certified in Fundraising the SMART Way™, with its emphasis on data interpretation. 

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SMART Way Certified Consultant

 Catherine Marshall

Catherine is the founder CapBuilders, a consultancy devoted to community building. An expert in learning clusters, she was inspired to join our team after learning about the SMART Way Shared Program and seeing how effectively the model could improve fundraising results for smaller nonprofits.She has a wide, varied background in nonprofits, community building, and social entrepreneurship. Catherine is the author of Field Building: Your Blueprint for Creating an Effective and Powerful Social Movement. Located in Northern California, Catherine loves to travel so we get to send her all over the place.

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Beth Hershenhart
SMART Way Certified Consultant

 Beth Hershenhart

Beth is the founder of Innovative Resources Group, a full-service  capacity-building practice serving nonprofits and educational  institutions. Her trademarked Strategic Action Process™ refines traditional strategic planning, fiscal forecasting and philanthropic investment approaches. The process has been proven in arts and cultural organizations, community health centers, cathedrals, land trusts, museums, historic sites, public libraries, universities, public broadcasting and public policy research centers and others.  Beth’s process maps beautifully to Fundraising the SMART Way™, helping our clients embrace change and improve their results.

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Senior Strategic Planning Consultant

 Dr. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein

Rebecca, president of Advantage Leadership is the author of four books on strategic planning. She and Ellen have co-consulted since 1995 and recently co-authored Success Planning for Nonprofits: Evidence-Based Strategic Planning, the long-awaited nonprofit version of her perennial favorite Success Planning: A How-To Guide to Strategic Planning. The new book is scheduled for release in Q1 2019. Rebecca holds a doctorate in organizational psychology and is an international expert in business process management, design, and improvement, fields which have contributed mightily to our joint work in strategic planning and to the development of the SMART Way methodologies. Rebecca is also certified as a facilitator of Fundraising the SMART Way, but her super-power is strategic planning, team-building, and executive development.

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SMART Way Certified Consultant

 Cory Sparks

Cory is our most unusual team member. He is a practicing Methodist minister in New Orleans, and a full-time fundraising consultant. Cory was already a fan after reading Ellen's book Fundraising the SMART Way, and wanted to bring the model to his constituents in Louisiana and northeast Texas, with an emphasis on faith-based nonprofits.  He was formerly the director of education at LANO, the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

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