leaky-bucket-drip-TM-C3 (2).jpgSTEP 1: ASSESS

Start Your Journey to Effective Fundraising with the Leaky Bucket Assessment

Join the 1400-plus nonprofit leaders who have evaluated their fundraising productivity. Then learn how to outperform the competition!

 Find out where your fundraising springs a leak. You may be leaving money on the table, spending more than you need, to get less than you want. Which is your "bucket"?


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The Leaky Bucket Assessment is free, and it only takes about 5 minutes, a modest investment to see where you may be wasting time, effort and money. Start here to improve productivity!  

The INSTANT Development Audit: Have your whole team submit a Leaky Bucket Assessment, including board and volunteers. It's the fastest, least costly way to conduct a development audit yet. No limit on participants. Sign up for a Team Debrief!

WE WILL KEEP YOUR ANSWERS COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL, but we MUST HAVE a valid email address so you can receive your results.

Now It's time to BUILD with Fundraising the SMART Way!

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