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Enhance and Improve Development-Shop Performance 


Almost any fundraising department can benefit from a development audit. Development audits examine the practices and tactics your nonprofit uses to raise money, so you can figure out what to keep, what to fix, and what - if anything - to add. But many organizations avoid audits because  traditional approaches require lots of consultant time, which means higher costs and more disruption.  It doesn't have to be that way.

Our SMART Way™ Development Audit uses straightforward survey technology to:

  • Get insights from everyone on your team – staff, board, volunteers – quickly and confidentially
  • Collate and analyze the data
  • Identify gaps and misunderstandings among team members
    • Provide feedback in graphic format

What's DIFFERENT About SMART Way Audit:

  • COST: SMART Way Audits are low cost, compared to traditional methods. Using survey technology can save you as much as 90%.
  • TIME: Users complete the audit quickly, at their desks or after hours. Gather insights from dozens of staff, board and volunteers in just a week or two.
  • FEEDBACK: Receive get data analytics in graphic format within one business day of your deadline. Interpret it yourself, or have us or your preferred consultant do it for you.


  • Three online surveys, one for board members, one for staff and volunteers, and one for the ED
  • Data Collection Sheet, to guide the senior development officer 
  • Feedback in graphic format
  • Suggested interview questions for those few key interviews you'll need

Call or email for more information and pricing.  Consultants, you are welcome to offer our Development Audit to your clients!

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