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Ellen Bristol
Making Sure Your Hybrid Event Fits Your Fundraising Strategy

Nonprofits of all shapes, sizes, and missions are adopting hybrid events to..

Ellen Bristol
The Value of Focusing on Donor Retention for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofits rely on fundraising for their operations. As a fundraising..

Ellen Bristol
Nonprofit Essentials: Understanding Donation Processing

Nonprofit donation processing is an often overlooked aspect of strategic..

Ellen Bristol
Managing Your Nonprofit's Finances During a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic was an entirely unprecedented event for everyone,..

Ellen Bristol
Is Your Facebook Fundraising Strategy Meeting Your Goals?

If you're running on a tight staff, you may be wondering whether Facebook..

Ellen Bristol
Fundraising Strategies: Best Practices for Greatest Results

Fundraising strategies are one of the most evergreen topics in the nonprofit..

Ellen Bristol
How to Make Your Fundraising Strategy More Equitable

Concerns about equity in your nonprofit shouldn't stop at mission. Today,..

Ellen Bristol
Stewarding Recurring Donors With A Small Development Team

As any nonprofit leader is aware, working in the social good sector often..

Ellen Bristol
Should Your Volunteer Program Be A Source of Leads?

Many organizations place tremendous value on all their volunteer programs..

Ellen Bristol
Where Does Your Board Fit Into Your Fundraising Pipeline?

Nonprofit boards play a critical role in fundraising. The most successful..

Ellen Bristol
Demonstrating Value By Sharing Your Organization's Outcomes

Why do people donate? There are easy answers: they wanted to give back, they..

Ellen Bristol
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