How Effective Is Your Fundraising? Take the Leaky Bucket Survey.

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Ellen Bristol

Productivity, efficiency and effectiveness tend to "leak" out of fundraising organizations in ways we don't even notice - until the "pipes" burst and there's a crisis.  Take our Leaky Bucket Is Your Fundraising Leaking Like a Sieve?Assessment for Effective Fundraising to see how you are doing today.  It's free, it only takes five minutes, and you'll get your score and your answers immediately!  Click here to start your assessment.

Are you Leaking Like a Sieve - or Watertight?

The Leaky Bucket Assessment examines nine practices that fundraising organizations should adopt.  Depending on where you fall, these practices either contribute to your efficiency, effectiveness and productivity - or detract from it.  These common practices are easy to implement.  Find out where your organization might need a boost, where things are working well, and what you could do about it.

When the fundraising organization is efficient and effective, you'll bring in MORE Income with Less Effort.

We aim to gather enough assessments to publish a white paper on fundraising effectiveness.  All participants will receive a copy of the white paper when we publish it in late fall of 2011, so you'll be able to 'benchmark' your performance against others in our study.

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