Nonprofit Funding: The Leaky Bucket Survey Keynote at FDMA Aug. 18

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Ellen Bristol

Leaking Like a Sieve! Where does your fundraising spring a leak?  You might be surprised to discover that there are a lot of "leaky buckets" out there in the nonprofit world.  Join me on August 18, at the Nonprofit Marketing Summit of FDMA (Florida Direct Marketing Association), where I'm the keynote presenter.  I'll share up-to-the-minute results on our study of effective fundraising practices, The Leaky Bucket Survey for Effective Fundraising.  The Leaky Bucket measures the level of maturity of nine critical business practices that either contribute to or detract from the effectiveness of any fundraising organization. If you haven't taken yours yet, there's still time to get your data included before the 18th!  Click here to start your assessment.

The Leaky Bucket Assessment is free, takes 5 minutes, and I'll be happy to provide a private conversation with you. 

And no need to worry - I won't blow your cover!  Nobody gets singled out in this presentation, it's all collated data.  Find out how you stack up against your peers - and the competition!

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