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Ellen Bristol
Where Does Your Board Fit Into Your Fundraising Pipeline?

Nonprofit boards play a critical role in fundraising. The most successful..

Ellen Bristol
Demonstrating Value By Sharing Your Organization's Outcomes

Why do people donate? There are easy answers: they wanted to give back, they..

Ellen Bristol
Read the Story the Donor Data Tells You

Can You Read the Story Your Data is Telling You?

Matt Hugg
Nonprofits as Learning Organizations: 10 Best Practices

Thanks to Matt Hugg for this wonderful guest post. Matt is the founder of ..

Ellen Bristol
Your Website MUST Attract the Ideal Donor

Reaching the Right Donors in a Post COVID-19 World

Thanks to Murad Bushnaq,..

Ellen Bristol
Why You Need an Ideal Donor Profile


Instead, we're writing..

Ellen Bristol
How Do I Know I've Been Successful This Year?

How DO You Know You've Been Successful This Year? PS: Board Member Opinions..

Ellen Bristol
Another Productivity Secret: Do NOTHING

I just got back from a two-week vacation, where I did nothing.  Well, I..

Ellen Bristol
Secrets to Overcoming the "Overhead Myth"

The "overhead myth" still haunts us. That's the myth that says your..

Ellen Bristol
The Secret to Retaining Donors

Want to double your income from philanthropy?  Just retain your donors.  

Ellen Bristol
Fundraising Effectiveness: Activity vs Productivity

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and..

Ellen Bristol
Events  for Small Shops: What Happens AFTER  Counts MORE

A recent Facebook post asked "who has cool ideas for a new fundraising..

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