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Ellen Bristol
The Infamous Board Give-or-Get Policy

Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake.  Even though my website has..

Ellen Bristol
Fundraising War Stories: Pursuing the "Usual Suspects"

I'm sure you'll agree with me.  Fundraising is everybody's job.  The board..

Ellen Bristol
Fundraising War Stories: Nonprofit Strategic Planning for Dummies?

What a fantastic opportunity to improve the client's fundraising plan! We..

Ellen Bristol
"Watertight": A Fundraising Success Story

We've been running our Leaky Bucket Assessment of Fundraising Effectiveness..

Ellen Bristol
Fundraising War Stories: Three Lessons on Choosing Prospects

"You've got to help us out," they said, "we really need you!"  And so, with..

Ellen Bristol
Fundraising for People Who Don't Fundraise: Call for Scenarios!

Quick, boys and girls!! What's the least understood function in the..

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