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Ellen Bristol
Fundraising War Stories: Pursuing the "Usual Suspects"

I'm sure you'll agree with me.  Fundraising is everybody's job.  The board..

Ellen Bristol
Nonprofit Fundraising: Donors Are Your Investors

Let’s talk about entrepreneurship for a minute.  Nonprofits are a lot like..

Ellen Bristol
Who's In Charge of Fundraising, You or the Donor?

When you're fundraising, are you in charge or is your prospect?  It might..

Ellen Bristol
Fundraising: Art vs. Science

I just had a great conversation with two people who, like me, have been..

Ellen Bristol
Where's Your Case Statement?

Hey, do you know where you put your Case Statement?  Maybe you call it your..

Ellen Bristol
Why Your Pipeline Should Speak "Donor."

Your fundraising pipeline, that useful calendar of prospective grants and gifts..

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