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Ellen Bristol
Secrets to Overcoming the "Overhead Myth"

The "overhead myth" still haunts us. That's the myth that says your..

Ellen Bristol
4 Missing Management Tools That Derail Your Fundraising Success - Part 4 of the Revolutionizing Fundraising Series


This is the fourth in our series on fundraising management. Last time we..

Ellen Bristol
Seven Strategies to Pinpoint High-Quality Donors


Though virtually all donors..

Ellen Bristol
Tips for Stress-Free Fundraising for the Holidays

Fundraisers, has the holiday season got you down? Have you gone to too many..

Ellen Bristol
Getting Fundraising Right: Part 2

If you want to get fundraising right and not backwards, then the first step..

Ellen Bristol
Getting Fundraising Right - and Not Backwards
“Cut it near the end,” says Owl.

“Which end?” says Pooh, “the beginning..

Ellen Bristol
Fundraising for People Who Don't Fundraise: Call for Scenarios!

Quick, boys and girls!! What's the least understood function in the..

Ellen Bristol
Fundraising Metrics: More Power To Your Development Team!

There's often a lot of talk about metrics in the fundraising world.  Yet,..

Ellen Bristol
Who's In Charge of Fundraising, You or the Donor?

When you're fundraising, are you in charge or is your prospect?  It might..

Ellen Bristol
Fundraising: Art vs. Science

I just had a great conversation with two people who, like me, have been..

Ellen Bristol
Where's Your Case Statement?

Hey, do you know where you put your Case Statement?  Maybe you call it your..

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