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Ellen Bristol
What Fundraising Can (and Should) Learn from Sales

The terms “sales” and "selling" make a lot of nonprofit people nervous,..

Ellen Bristol
Three Major Duties of Great Fundraising Management - Part 3 in Our Series

This is the third article in our series on fundraising management. This..

Ellen Bristol
Fundraising the SMART Way: Hard Data about Fundraising Productivity

Hard Dara about Fundraising Productivity

Our Leaky Bucket Assessmen, open..
Ellen Bristol
Fundraising and the Mud-Pie Factory

Everything I ever wanted to know about fundraising, I learned in my mud-pie..

Ellen Bristol
The Leaky Bucket: Fundraising in China

We knew our Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising was popular. ..

Ellen Bristol
"Watertight": A Fundraising Success Story

We've been running our Leaky Bucket Assessment of Fundraising Effectiveness..

Ellen Bristol
Fundraising: Art vs. Science

I just had a great conversation with two people who, like me, have been..

Ellen Bristol
Nonprofit Funding: The Leaky Bucket Survey Keynote at FDMA Aug. 18

Where does your fundraising spring a leak?  You might be surprised to..

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