Have a Great Year-End - Without Spoiling 2017 Fundraising

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Ellen Bristol

Yahoo, it's the end of the year! Let's all go bananas with our year-end campaigns!!!! Why not? You do it every year, right? So that means you should keep on doing it, um, er, right? You are being a good nonprofit leader. Aren't you?

frustrated.jpgBut wait a minute. After you've dragged in every last dollar so the books will look good, you just might have exhausted all your potential gifts, grants and sponsorships. Thus - nothing in the pipeline. Nothing left over for January or February. Maybe you can scare up a few opportunities by March, and then it's time for the Spring Gala, and then everybody is away for summer vacation and then, it's the end of the year again. Hmmm. This doesn't seem terribly productive.

We are all about improving fundraising productivity, and we don't like the idea of you running around like a chicken without a head at the end of every year.

So we have a Year-End Special just for you, partly to get you out of that annual frenzy. Quit being a maniac during the holiday season! Start raising more money with less effort.  Produce predictable, consistent growth all year long. How? With our innovative methodology for income generation, Fundraising the SMART Way.

We're offering a big fat 20% discount off our standard rates for Fundraising the SMART Way as long as you sign up by December 1, 2016, give us a modest deposit, and schedule your project to begin no later than February 17, 2017.  If you start the project before 12/31/2016, we'll add another 5% to the discount. Click the button below to find out more about the offer, and schedule a conversation with our fearless leader Ellen Bristol. PS: our rates are based on the size of your development shop and amount of income you raise from non-governmental sources. We've got a price for every shop, even the smallest.

Fundraising SMART Year-End 2016 Special Offer

Nonprofits exist to alleviate poverty, improve early-childhood education, conduct medical research, preserve antique musical instruments, and do a zillion other things. They just have to earn enough money to achieve their missions, pay their hard-working staff a competitive wage, put money away for emergencies and investments in technology, and do everything possible to serve their clients. Simple, right? But fundraising by its very nature is uncertain and complex. Let us help you reduce uncertainty, resolve complexity, and build a sane, systematic, methodical approach to drive growth.

Fundraising the SMART Way plugs the leaks in your fundraising bucket. It aligns marketing and outreach with your best funders' motivations for giving. You, your staff and yoj0316810-resized-600.jpgur board will know which funders are right for you, and which aren't worth your costly time and effort. You'll transform the way you interact with your community, and raise money with pride, even joy. And you can stop dreading the end of the year.

The SMART Way is a formal methodology for improving fundraising effectiveness. It's a three-phase project including an assessment, workshop to develop productivity tools including your unique ideal-donor profiles, key performance indicators and success targets, and at least three months of technical assistance and handholding to ensure you get the best results possible. The SMART Way is not software, but it makes your investment in donor-management platforms, even simple spreadsheets, more valuable!

Watch this short video to see how Fundraising the SMART Way works. 

Fundraising SMART: How It Works!






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