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  • STOP wasting time on prospects who aren't a good fit for you.
  • START knowing which funders ARE. Build your SMART Way™ Prospect Scorecards, ideal-funder profiles including motivations for giving.
  • STOP the tactical frenzy, running from activity to activity, but never quite reaching targets.
  • START using Donor Moves: key performance indicators to track progress of all funding opportunities. You'll always know what to do next!
  • STOP worrying about total income; trailing indicators don't reveal efficiency or effectiveness.
  • START using SMART Way™ Pipeline Management, to focus on the beginning and middle of the process. Know what's happening upstream, so you can fix problems early!

Fundraising the SMART Way builds an evidence-based fundraising strategy so all fundraising results - annual fund, major gifts, capital campaigns, grant-seeking, and corporate giving - are easy to track, and hold your team accountable to the mission.


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