Selling the SMART Way®

How Productive Is Your Sales Force?

If you don’t know, or if you’ve been struggling toSellSMART-Infographic-Final improve it, you’re not the only one. Any business with a sales team, whether social enterprise or corporate, may focus only on increasing sales income, while overlooking the true costs and challenges of productivity. You've got to increase sales, but you've also got to select customers offering high potential for lifetime value. Selling the SMART Way® is the way to do it.

Designed for social enterprises and B2B sales teams, Selling the SMART Way improves productivity with three key elements that guarantee continuous growth in sales performance at manageable costs, on the continuous improvement model:

  • Prospect Profiling: Customer Selection strategies based on past successful customer interactions. Make sure your sales force never wastes time on prospects who are DOA - dead on arrival.
  • Advanced Lead Scoring: SMART Way Prospect Scorecard, a rich qualifying benchmark ensuring the team invests its scarce, precious sales time in high-potential accounts, leaving low-potential ones for less-costly selling channels. Every Scorecard is unique to your company.
  • Pipeline targets and Leading Indicators: metrics that "flip" pipeline management, track progress by buyer behavior not sales activity, and focus on leading indicators to insure productivity and accountability.

Selling the SMART Way is a methodology we deliver in three phrases: Assessment, Workshop and Technical Assistance Clinics. Projects are usually delivered via live, virtual meetings and last from four to six months or long - so we can make sure you're successful.


What Can Selling the SMART Way Do For Your Sales Team?

Insure that your sales people focus on prospects and customers with the highest potential for lifetime value, and avoid wasting time on DOA's, prospects that are Dead On Arrival.

II'm Productive!mprove visibility into the process, at every level, so sales people stay focused, sales managers know how to coach, and senior management can plan effectively.

Simplify the creation of performance metrics that support optimum sales effort at minimal sales costs.

Create Accountability at unprecedented levels, with insights into the sales process that produce continuous improvement.