BSG - Certified Neon Partner

NeonCRM and the NeonOne Ecosystem

Why We Partner with NeonCRM

NeonCRM and the Neon Ecosystem offer state-of-the-art technology for supporting every aspect of fundraising. Bristol Strategy's newest offering, KPI's the SMART Way, complements Neon's powerful capabilities, providing productivity insights, reports and analysis for continuous improvement of fundraising results.

Why We Partnered with Neon - and You Should Too

  • Neon supports our work on strategic fundraising management, so they were our first choice to integrate KPI's the SMART Way.
  • Neon's comprehensive donor-management software powers stewardship, acquisition, and retention, plus membership management all in one place.
  • Neon's Ecosystem includes specialized solutions like RallyBound for event and endurance-event management, Civicore for "Gives Day", grants management tracking, etc.
  • Neon's external partner network offers an array of fundraising support services, from technology enablement to campaign counsel, and more - plus us!!

NeonCRM - Make Good Happen

Learn more about the Neon Ecosystem and KPI's the SMART Way

Power fundraising with great Neon Technology

No nonprofit tech is more important than your CRM.

Find out how Bristol Strategy can help you select the right Neon configuration. If you're already using Neon, see how we can make it even more powerful with KPI's the SMART Way!

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