Services for Board Development

Your nonprofit is only as good as its governing board, so you must recruit the right people, with the right skills, talents and connections, and give them right training, orientation and information to govern effectively. 

Great board development requires skills in several levels:  j0316810 resized 600

  • Building the board: recruiting the right people, and providing effective orientation to them.
  • Using mutually agreed-upon principles and ethics.
  • Setting direction for the organization.
  • Understanding and participating appropriately in development efforts.
  • Maintaining accountability over operations and finance.

Easy to say, but not so easy to do.  Your nonprofit organization needs to invest in the development of its board, and its board members, with as much dedication and investment as you do for your executives, professional staff and clinical team.

BSG services for board development include:

  • The Board's Role in Fundraising©.  Download our popular article on the board's role in fundraising - it's not what you think it is! A version of this article was published in YOU and Your Nonprofit Board, available from 
  • Board Skills & Talents Matrix.  A mechanism for ensuring that the governing board contains an appropriate mix of talents, skills, networks of connections, representation of special-interest groups, and so forth.  Some of our nonprofit clients have even created Board Recruitment Scorecards, based on Fundraising the SMART Way™.
  • Strategic Planning ServicesStrategic planning retreats and plan-implementation projects, based on our state-of-the-art methods for instituting effective long-term planning processes.

Policy Governance®
Policy Governance®, an integrated board leadership paradigm created by Dr. John Carver, is a groundbreaking model of governance designed to empower boards of directors to fulfill their obligation of accountability for the organizations they govern. Policy Governance empowers governing boards to document a set of policies that empower the organization's executive director to make good decisions within the guidelines set forth by the board, gives the board rules and standards for governing itself, and ensure that relations between board and staff are optimal.

Ellen Bristol has been trained in the Policy Governance model, and has implemented it for many nonprofit organizations.