SMART-Way-Fundraising-identity TLT edit.pngNow you're ready to grow! Every SMART Way project includes hands-on support, for better results year after year.

Fundraising the SMART Way changes the way you think, manage, and improve fundraising results, and that takes time and effort - plus a good coach.  So we include the coaching!

iStock-541975802.jpgHow Support Helps:

  • - Validate your Scorecards
  • - Set up Your Pipeline
  • - Analyze and Improve Results
  • - Learn the Skills of Continuous Improvement

How Support Works:

  • Support Sessions: one hour every other week, starting with at least four  sessions (two months!) or more, depending on your needs, preferences and budget.
  • All Sessions Virtual: attend coaching sessions from your office, home, hotel (please don't attend while driving).
  • All Sessions Recorded: have to miss a session? No problem; they're all recorded and stashed in an online folder dedicated to your agency or learning cluster.

SMART Way Implementation Support Sessions GROW your fundraising results, engage your team and volunteers more strongly, and remove obstacles to success! 


Strategic Planning with Success Planning