Save 50% Off Donor Search Prospect Research for nonprofits

Learn How to Grow Funding Like the Big Shops With Affordable Prospect Research For Small - Medium Nonprofits

The fastest way to increase income is with larger gifts, grants, and sponsorships, rather than running ever more special events. Make it easy on your fundraising team with great prospect research services like DonorSearch, our  strategic partner for donor research. 

Ever since we designed the SMART Way™ Prospect Scorecard, we realized superior prospect-research services should be part of every nonprofit's toolkit. DonorSearch supports huge development shops like major hospitals and universities, as well as small or even teeny-tiny ones with just staff or fewer. Whatever the size of your development organization, you can get started with a sub-account from Bristol Strategy of just $1,500 for a one year subscription, less than half the regular price. 

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The DonorSearch methods starts with philanthropy, with about two hundred million records of philanthropic giving, plus comprehensive wealth profiles. Find out which current donors prospects have the giving history and wealth capacity to meet your standards and raise more money sooner. 

  • There's a great prospect but you're not sure how much to ask for.

  • You want to enrich your SMART Way Scorecard with a DonorSearch rating

  • You think the prospect matches your Scorecard's Value Statements, but don't know their giving capacity or track record.

  • Your donor base is just too small.

  • You don't have a connection with the prospect, but maybe someone else you know does.

Why DonorSearch?

They have a huge database - pretty much the largest - of individual giving history PLUS donor capacity. Their approach mirrors our mantra - deciding if the prospect is good enough for your team to invest scarce, precious time. Fundraising the SMART Way™ + DonorSearch = the perfect fit for meeting and exceeding your fundraising goals. 

If you're still asking, "what's prospect research and how will it help me?", take a look at Donor Search's Ultimate Guide for in depth understanding and read our blog on 7 Strategies to Pinpoint High Quality Donors.