The Opportunity Risk Calculator

Value Of Your Time

How much is your fundraising time really worth?  It's probably a lot more than you think!

Fundraising time the single expensive asset in your nonprofit development arsenal. Are you using it as productively as you can?

It's  scarce and precious.  Every time you invest an hour in cultivating charitable giving, you put an hour's worth of  amount of income "at risk."  You risk LOSING as much - or more - than you'll gain.  Manage your fundraising time. Download our free Opportunity Risk Calculator.

The Opportunity Risk Factor is the amount of income you put at risk for every hour you invest in fundraising. If you're talking to prospects who lack motivation or capacity, doing a zillion labor-intensive special events, or using time for fundraising on non-fundraising activities (like preparing for board meetings!!!), your time becomes more and more expensive. There's less of it.

How much are you willing to waste? Download this useful tool now.

Opportunity Risk Calculator