Products and Services for the Nonprofit Sector

BSG Products & Services for Nonprofits

The Science that Makes the Art of Fundraising Possible

We are the experts in sustainable nonprofit fund development.  We have devoted years to studying the ways that nonprofits acquire and utilize their funds, underwrite their operations, and manage their fundraising initiatives.  Even more important, we understand the donor's giving process, the ways in which donors and other funders select, make gifts to, and maintain long-term relationships with their preferred charities.  By combining these two perspectives, Bristol Strategy Group has become a thought leader in insuring the effectiveness and productivity of the fundraising organization. 

BSG's programs, products and services for fund development are strategic. We equip the nonprofit industry with the performance metrics, rules, guidelines, and reports that help insure consistent, predictable income, an agency-wide culture of fundraising, and a whole lot less worry and anxiety about where you're getting your next donon dollar. 

BSG's service highlights include:

BSG also provides complementary services for other critical capacity-building needs including: