Small nonprofit? Small budget? Small fundraising staff (if any?)

You deserve fundraising help as much as your larger, well-established nonprofit friends and neighbors. Maybe more.  Fundraising the SMART Way Shared Program is a great alternative for you.  Collaborate with up to five other small nonprofits. Each agency can send four people. It's the same six-month program as the big guys get, all delivered virtually, just at a lower about 20% of what they pay. Your whole  group gets:

  • Five 90-minute workshop sessions, scheduled once a week
  • Six 60-minute group coaching sessions, scheduled every other week
  • One private coaching session per agency
  • All the templates, exercises, calculators and automated SMART Way tools everybody else gets
  • Plus the benefit of working with your peers and getting their support.

See how Fundraising the SMART Way works! Watch the video.

Fundraising SMART: How It Works!

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