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The SMART Way Webinar Series

It's not just the way you DO fundraising. It's the way you MANAGE it. Join us for our latest webinar series based on Fundraising the SMART Way™. Learn how to build structure and accountability into your development shop with metrics, guidelines, and reporting methods. Raise more and work less!

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SMART Way Webinars for Nonprofit Professionals

Raise MORE money with LESS effort.  Just click on the dates to register.  Invite your friends, too.

November 12, 2019:  Small Shops: Thrive Like Big Shops
December 3, 2019: Staff Turnover, Donor Retention - They're Related
January 7, 2020: Fundraising the SMART Way- An Intro
January 28, 2020:  Build Fundraising Capacity with DATA
February 18, 2020: Managing the Giving Pipeline
March 10, 2020: Are Your Donors Good Enough for You?

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Small Shops: Thrive like BIG Shops









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