Jan. 21, 2020: Intro to Fundraising the SMART Way™, the Science that Makes the Art of Fundraising Possible

  • Even the best fundraising teams have pockets of inefficiency, losing critical time, money, opportunity and impact. Why? They lack structure, accountability, and insights. Learn how Fundraising the SMART Way provides science and structure with tools like:
    SMART Way Prospect Scorecard: ranked ideal-funder profiles
    Donor Moves: opportunity pipeline measured by donor behavior
    KPI's the SMART Way: our new CRM app


Hosted by NeonOne,12/4/2019: How Do I Know I've Been Successful This Year? PS: Board Member Opinions Don't Count. 

You and your development team worked hard, you brought in gifts, you tried your best. But senior leadership and the board still want you to do more, more, more. How do you know if you’ve been successful this year? And how many more hours can you possibly work?

  • You can't manage it if you can't measure it. See how we partner with NeonCRM to measure your fundraising team's productivity - including volunteers.


11/12/2019: Small Shops Can Thrive Like Big Shops

If you're running a small (or nonexistent) development shop, then you need great management, just like the big shops do, you just have to apply it differently. In fact, you might need great management even more!

Great fundraising management means making important decisions ahead of time, like having ideal-donor profiles so you can tell which prospects are worth effort and which lack interest, capacity or both;  how much income you need, how many donors to retain, how many new ones to acquire. Clarity  today drives better fundraising results tomorrow, and lowers the anxiety rate. 

10/22/2019: Why I Love Metrics and You Will Too

Metrics Add Structure. And Structure Makes Fundraising EASIER

Want to raise MORE, but work LESS? Then it's time to fall in love with metrics, like I did. 

Why? Because without them, you don't know what to do when!

A lot can happen between "hello" and "here's my check." Find out how a few simple measurements make the process clear and easy to foll

10/1/2019: 4 Hints You Need Better Fundraising Management

Nonprofit leaders worry a lot about raising money - are they writing the best appeal letters? Courting the right donor prospects? Running the most successful events?  In this webinar, we're going to look at FOUR HINTS your fundraising needs better management. Here's an example:

Hint #1: Cash Reserves are LOW (or nonexistent)

You can fix this with better fundraising management.


9/1/2019: How to Improve Donor Retention

Average donor retention hovers around 40%, according to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project. But most efforts to improve rates are tactical, like donor-recognition events. Try as you might, things just don't seem to change enough.

What's the Secret? Managing your fundraising team's expectations.

Here's how:

      • Assign retention targets
      • Track retention performance
      • Select tactics based on progress