Step 1:Assess

Find out where your fundraising springs a leak, because if you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t fix it. Take  the Leaky Bucket Assessment (LBA) for Effective Fundraising. Compare your results to global averages with Fundraising Down the Drain, the LBA benchmarking study.

LBA for Effective Fundraising LBA Benchmarking Study

Step 2:Build

Build fundraising capacity with effective management. The SMART Way model creates structure and maintains focus and accountability, with SMART Way Prospect Scorecard, Donor Moves opportunity management, and other Key Performance Indicators, reporting methods and business rules to create clarity and team engagement.

Fundraising the SMART Way™
 Step 3:Grow

Grow results with SMART Way structure, methods, and management tools. Long-term change requires long-term implementation support, and every SMART Way Project includes it. Extend great management with strategic planning for the whole organization.

Implementation Support

Strategic Planning

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