Tools and Resources for Nonprofits

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Take advantage of our Tools and Resources that drive sustainable fund development.  Sustainable fund development is a strategic approach to fundraising that produces superior results because of its emphasis on orderly processes, performance indicators, and success metrics.  A nonprofit that has adopted sustainable fund development practices will be far more likely to raise more income at lower costs, and with far less hassle, anxiety and inner turmoil. 

If you're interested in the sustainable fund-development model, visit this page often.  Our resources include white papers, recorded webinars, e-books, calculators, assessments, and other tools and utilities that will advance your knowledge and provide practical help, including:

Best-Practices Resource Library:  white papers and informational webinar recordings about aspects of sustainable fund development, including Opportunity Management, Donor-Prospect Selection, and Establishing Donor Trust.

The Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising: our on-line assessment measures nine key business practices that either contribute to, or detract from, the effectiveness and efficiency of your fundraising organization.

The Opportunity Risk Calculator:  interactive spreadsheet calculates the amount of financial opportunity you put "at risk" for every hour of fundraising time.

The Fund Diversification Calculator: interactive spreadsheet calculates your current levels of funding diversification, and helps you set targets for improved levels of diversification in the future.

De-Mystifying Fundraising: our newest E-Book.  This handy workbook guides you through the basics of creating a sustainable fund-development operation for your nonprofit. Buy the e-book, along with its calculators and templates.